nov 13, 2007

Our United Kingdom tour is finally taking shape. We look forward to the mayhem. We've also shot a couple of new videos that should be on youtube in the next few weeks. The "Head's Explode" video is a bloody gore fest - see myspace pictures.

got a couple of local shows coming up. the nina the pinta is finally releasing their long awaited CD. shit is rad.

we also welcome alan church to the band. alan is fucking punk-metal-core.

bow down,

july 27, 2007

yeah, our site hasn't been updated for a while now - Thank you everyone who wrote in calling us a bunch of lazy asses! we need a good swift kick in the ass from time to time. anyway,the new album is out now and so far has been received warmly. however the real test begins this fall when we start our radio campaign. if you don't have a copy of events yet, you can buy directly from us or go to itunes and download it.

last week we had the pleasure of playing with the klaxons. it was probably one of our best shows yet. the guys in the klaxons were pretty cool and down to earth, although they each had a look of desperately needing sleep.

some of you may have also noticed a new face on stage with us. his name is alan the great. he's been chiming in on guitar, bells, and a bit of backup vocals. you'll be seeing more and more of him in the near future as our show schedule will pick up this fall. speaking of which, we're planning a tour to the uk in january, so recognize!

later all,

May 10, 2007:

We’re just one day away from celebrating the release of our latest full length album, Events. For those of you in and around the Twin Cities, come party with us at the 400 Bar tomorrow (Friday, May 11th) at 9:00pm for an all out rock show! Good friends of ours; The Nina! The Pinta! and These Modern Socks will also tickle your ear drums and tantalize your cerebellum.

Also, we're hittin' up the radio stations this week, so if you've never had a chance to see us live this is basically the same [right?].

Today (Thursday) at 1:00pm we will be performing live on 89.3 the current. And Friday we will be at 770am RadioK at 4:30pm. So be sure to let your friends know and tune in to hear some sweet beats and killer grooves. righteous.

If you don't live in the area go to and click on streaming audio [or live brodcast--something along those lines]. The same with radioK, go to and click on the listen link to hear some of the good stuff.

And finally, Events has been reviewed in two local Twin Cities magazines: the City Pages and The Pulse. Check out what the local press has to say:

Four years of blood, sweat, and tears will be unleashed tomorrow… we hope you enjoy it.


mar 28, 2007:

i just picked up our master from bruce @ magneto mastering and dropped it off with andrew & todd at noiseland - my god, it's done! it's raining out today, and there's just something romantic about listenting to a new album and driving on the highway in the rain. needless to say, it put a smile on my face.

Here's what's new: jacob has gone insane from doing the album artwork. i didn't think it was possible for someone to actually go crazy from looking at a computer all day, but if you look into jake's eyes you'll see the burning of his soul. We do appreciate the hard work buddy. Marshall is back in school and is learning how to be a model. skinny ryan started drinking protein shakes and has taken up weight lifting. as for i.... well, my dog poops a lot and i have to clean it up.

we're posting a video of urban lull on youtube in a few days.... check it out when you're bored.


Feb 19, 2007:

Friday night's show was pretty damn fun. I was lame and forgot to add Hello Blue to our email announcement about the show, but for those of you who were there and saw them you know they rocked hard. billy from the nina, the pinta got sick from the peter pan peanut butter flu and therefore the nina, the pinta did not end up playing so that was the shittiest part of the night. however buildings brought a sheep to the show which made everything better.

we're booking more shows and our schedule is filing up. the new album *Will* be unleashed in april - battle plans are in the making. if anyone out there is actually reading this and comes to our show on march 9th, mumble the words "snuggle bug" to me and i'll see what i can do about hooking you up with some free stuff. march 9th - 7th street with these modern socks. be there!


JAN 26, 2007:

It's done (for the second time): We put the last little bits of sound onto tape last night. The new album is now ready to be mixed. We have roughly 16 songs we're working with that will be whittled down to a solid album. The new songs are the cat's meow. The old songs are the dog's bark (that means they're good, just different than the cat's meow). The record, which, as of now, is untitled, will be out sometime in April 2007 via Princess Records.


dec 15, 2006:

Jake and I met for drinks with with krista and Grant of princess records/tinderbox music last night and talked about life, music, and the road ahead. the band has been friends with these two cats pretty much since the beginning, and their wisdom and support has guided us along the way. we'll be working with them closely in the coming year which means good things are on the horizon. on an unrelated note, we wrote 3 new songs this past month and plans to record them are in the works for early january. if we can pull things together in time, they may end up on our next full length due out in spring 2007. that's about it for now... happy holidays to all!!!


Dec 1, 2006:

Here we are at the end of another year and, shit, where does the time go? Actually, we've got a lot to account for indside and outside of the band. For starters, Jake an Ry got married this past fall and Ryan and Marshall are talking about marrying each other. Actually, that's not true... they're looking into mail order brides from Russia. That's not true either. What is true is that everyone in the band seems to be in high spirits and enjoying life.On that note, let's talk about the music. As many of you know, we independently released a long overdue EP in August. Circulation and distribution for that release sucked and basically the only place you could get it was at the release show. To solve that problem We've added a link on our site to purchase said cd directly from us. for those of you around the minneapolis area, come on out to the uptown bar this saturday, dec 2nd to experience the rock. we're gonna debut 2 new songs.

love us