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Review; It's The Money Shot, June 11, 2007
"...I was instantly attracted to their sound. I am intrigued by the band's ability to take all the beeps and blips, guitar lines, drum beats, "twinkling keyboards", and melodic vocals and develop them into something entirely cohesive and catchy as a whole." read more

:::EVENTS Album Review; City Pages, May 9th 2007:::
"...In Events, the band gathers random samples, loops, blips, bleeps, whirrings, and whatnots and massages them into nine tracks of joyful, seamless, and—most importantly—accessible electronic pop." read more

:::EVENTS Album Review/Interview: The Pulse, May 9th 2007:::
"...Although The Umbrella Sequence have been a well known quantity on the local scene for four years know, Events is the kind of startlingly bold album that feels like it should expand the group's notoriety far beyond Minnesota." read more


Established in March of 2002, The Umbrella Sequence included founding members: Ryan Rupprecht (vocals, keyboards), Ryan Masterson (bass, synth), Jacob Swogger (guitar, keyboards), Aaron Hagebak (drums, programming) and Nick Sander (guitar, Zen). After an early whirlwind writing period, the band began recording their debut album "Sparkler Cliché". Roughly one year later, "Sparkler Cliché" was self-released locally and eventually re-release nationally.

"…the record they made is dense, complex, and heavily orchestrated; it also displays a level of self-confidence and quiet sophistication that belies their youth."
- Pulse of the Twin Cities

"Songs such as "Waltz of Thaughme" and "Athena" float through movements that are mellow and dreamy one moment and shake the floorboards the next."
- Pioneer Press

During the summer of 2003, the band signed a Label and Distribution deal through OHEV records (Miami, FL: Hot Hot Heat, Kind of Like Spitting, The Rocking Horse Winner). Soon after, they began working on a five song EP titled: "The Disappearing Line | Athena", which was their first national release on OHEV. The EP includes two new songs, two songs off "Sparkler Cliché", a remix, and began selling in stores world wide in January of 2004.

"Crackling laptop bleeps, candy-cane lullabies, crystalline production, and Ryan Rupprecht's falsetto swirling in a flurry around your ears--beautiful tunes for life in a snow globe."
- The City Pages Online

"…they delve and probe a space-age sound first probed 35 years ago by David Bowie's Space Oddity and furthered by Brian Eno, where organs glint, guitars meditate, and drums and bass repeat patterns until you zone out the rest of the world. The atmosphere is the thing, and this one is very fragrant."
- The Big Takeover Issue

Averaging almost two shows a week over three years, The Umbrella Sequence has developed quite an energy-packed stage show that they've taken across the United States on several occasions.

"…there were times that the band shook the floorboards with the overlaying resonance of melodic keyboard and intense guitar…The band also knew how to connect with its audience. You know if a musician is on stage, they love what they do. But The Umbrella Sequence made its audience as passionate about the music as the members are."
- The Spectator News

"I've seen this band maybe 3 or 4 times, and each show is different. Tonight's seemed to stay pretty much right on course; it was tight and enjoyable, and I can see why this band continues to do well."

In the early part of 2004, Nick decided to exit the band - not to mention the United States itself. He now lives in Holland.

The four remaining members continued to fill show dates with sets featuring four, five, six, ten, and eleven people. Some of these sets were anchored by two drummers.

During this time, The Umbrella Sequence commissioned Flash Mob Media to produce a live compilation DVD. The DVD includes performances taken from shows around the United States and documents the early years of The Umbrella Sequence history.

In March of 2005, drummer Aaron Hagebak parted ways with the band to pursue other endeavors. Shortly after, Marshall Baltzell hopped on board as Aaron's replacement on drums.

the band is now finalizing details to the much anticiapted release of their next full length album due out in the spring of 2007.